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Allergy Testing

Weight Dropped Off - Allergy Testing Success Stories

Weight Dropped Off - Allergy Testing Success Stories

For years, I had experienced abdominal pain, lightheadedness ("wooziness" I called it) and an overall feeling of weakness. Doctor visits and tests revealed that I had stomach gastritis and a hiatus hernia and I have been taking medication for GERD. Also heart problems were ruled out but symptoms continued almost on a daily basis. In addition, I have high hemoglobin A1C levels (pre-diabetic range), high cholesterol and unflattering belly fat.

Consulting with Dr. Cederquist and taking a food allergy test, it was determined that I had sensitivity to wheat (gluten), dairy and eggs and started a food elimination program.

Since I love to eat, I was fearful that I would have trouble "staying with the program" but it was much easier than I thought it would be because the program reduced feelings of hunger. Also, as weight dropped off, I liked the way I looked and felt. The most difficult part of food avoidance is restaurant dining. Many have gluten free menus that help but most don't have dairy free and egg free items also. But using common sense and guidance from my Nutritionist, I was able to manage.

After my six weeks blood test, I found that my A1C level dropped into the "normal" range, my total cholesterol dropped 28 points, and I lost more than 15 pounds. But, most important, I have none of the abdominal pain and "wooziness" that brought me to Dr. Cederquist.

I believe that I will be able to eat correctly in the future with little problems.

I would - and have - recommended that people visit Dr. Cederquist and investigate the possibility of food allergy issues.

J.S. - Male, Naples, FL

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