Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that when looking for a weight loss program, you may be skeptical or have a few unanswered
questions when it comes to techniques and approach. Below are answers to some of the most popular
questions we get asked the most. If you don't see an answer you're looking for, submit your question
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Do you sell food or require people to eat the foods you carry?

Dr. Cederquist and her dietitians have found many products that could be helpful with your weight loss plan. We carry a large variety of products that are specially formulated for weight loss physicians. However, our practice and program does not require you use any of these to be successful. Our dietitians customize meal plans and take into mind your desire to eat organic foods, or convenience foods, or restaurant foods, whether you like to cook or not and whether or not you have food sensitivities. Our three dietitians are college graduates with degrees in nutrition. In addition, they have worked with Dr. Cederquist and have additional special training in weight loss.