Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that when looking for a weight loss program, you may be skeptical or have a few unanswered
questions when it comes to techniques and approach. Below are answers to some of the most popular
questions we get asked the most. If you don't see an answer you're looking for, submit your question
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What is your success rate?

Our patients are very successful! We have patients of all different ages and many who are medically quite complex. We have many patients who have lost more than 100 pounds without surgery. The majority of our patients are looking to lose 30-50 pounds, however Dr. Cederquist sees people of all ages with all types of weight loss goals.

Many of our patients want to reduce medications, lower cholesterol, treat or prevent diabetes, decrease high blood pressure, improve their sleep, and have more energy and vitality in addition to looking better. We are often able to see these changes after only a few weeks on this medical weight management program. Because of the comprehensive nature of our program we address the metabolic, nutritional, behavioral, lifestyle, and medical issues our patients have and when these are all addressed long term success can be achieved.