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Fitness and Health

Dr. Cederquist In The News

Dr. Cederquist Talks About Common Health Issues

Dr. Cederquist, our founding physician, loves to give her advice and share her knowledge on some of the most popular health topics in the news. From binge eating disorders, making sure you are getting the right amount of salt in your diet, our weight expert weighs in on some trendy health topics that could help you live a healthier life, while also helping you avoid the pitfalls that lead to poor nutrition.

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Dr. Cederquist explains the relationship between breast cancer and your diet:

Dr. Cederquist gives her guidelines for getting the right fruits and vegetables in your diet:

How much salt is in your diet?:

Click below for information on diet and dementia:

If you’re looking for a diet plan you can trust, maybe it’s time to consider having a visit with Dr. Caroline Cederquist, at her medical weight loss clinic in Naples, Florida.