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Insulin Resistance

Best Way to Reverse Insulin Resistance

Best Way to Reverse Insulin Resistance

The Diabetes Prevention Program was a large, multi-centered study which involved over 3,000 adults who were pre-diabetic. Researchers split the subjects into three groups.

The first group was told "You are pre-diabetic, lose weight" but no care or suggestions to accomplish this were offered to the subject.

The second group was given the medication Metformin, which is a medication for diabetes. The major function of Metformin is to improve insulin sensitivity, and the subjects were treated only by adding the medication.

The subjects of the last group were given specific instructions on diet and exercise and were monitored regularly.

The group that progressed to diabetes first was the no-instruction group. The Metformin treated group had a 31% reduction in the progression of diabetes. The group that did the best with a 58% reduction in the progression of diabetes was the lifestyle change group.

My practice was created to provide this comprehensive lifestyle treatment. When medication is added to this lifestyle treatment, I find the effects are synergistic.

In summary, Insulin Resistance is a common metabolic condition that most people who struggle with weight have, and often are not aware of it. It is absolutely treatable and treatment is necessary to allow weight loss and long term weight maintenance. Our program was created and designed to reverse this condition, to help you lose weight and gain improved health.

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