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Curry Chicken Salad (Allergy-free potential)

Curry Chicken Salad (Allergy-free potential)

This recipe combines the sweetness of fruits and with a traditional curry seasoning to create one unforgettable meal! It can also be made allergy-free!

Nutritional Value per Serving

Makes 4 servings
Protein:                 27 grams
Net Carbohydrate:    8 grams
Fat:                        7 grams


- 1 lb of skinless, boneless chicken breast
- ¼ cup of fat free plain Greek yogurt
- ¼ cup of light mayo
- 1 teaspoon of madras curry powder
- A pinch of white pepper
- ½ cup of dice apples
- ½ cup of dice mangoes
- ½ cup of dice celery
- 1 tablespoon of fresh chopped cilantro
- 1 teaspoon fresh chopped scallion


1. Put chicken breast in a pot and add just enough water to cover the chicken. Place pot on stove top and bring to a boil. Let boil for 15min until chicken is thoroughly cooked. Once finished boiling, remove from heat, drain water and allow to cool.
2. In a large bowl, whisk together Greek yogurt, light mayo, curry powder and white pepper. Set aside.
3. On a cutting board, cut up your apple, mango, celery, cilantro and scallion and add to the yogurt/mayo mixture.
4. Once chicken has cooled, dice into bite sized pieces and add to mayo mixture. Mix thoroughly and chill until ready to serve. Enjoy on a bed of greens, with celery or just plain! Enjoy!

**To make allergy-free, replace greek yogurt and light mayo with ½ cup of Earth Balance Mindful Mayo**

Nutrition information per Serving (Allergy-Free)

Protein:                    27 grams
Net Carbohydrates:     8 grams
Fat:                         21 grams