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Weight Loss Success Stories: I love this Program!

Weight Loss Success Stories: I love this program!

Weight Loss Success Stories: I love this programI discovered Dr. Cederquist’s program through my doctor, who recommended that I see her for weight loss.  I had breathing problems, was retaining a lot of water, and generally feeling very sick and exhausted.  By following Dr. Cederquist’s program I lost 45 pounds and it took me about 1 year.

The best part of the program to me was finding out why I had these problems, and then the comfort I felt when Dr. Cederquist knew exactly how to treat it.  We found out that I had an elevated blood sugar, and that this was one of the biggest reasons that I was overweight.  I learned so much about how to live a healthy lifestyle.

For me, it was not difficult.  Of course you have to change your eating habits, but I was never hungry on the program.  The program gives you enough snacks and meals that you are not uncomfortable at all.  I did not try other diets -- I only did things on my own that never worked.  Here, I learned how to eat, how to choose healthy snacks, and how to avoid gaining weight again.  I love this program and I am definitely going to stay on it.  I feel more in control of myself, and confident that I am not going to gain the weight back.  I feel so much better about myself in so many ways.

I look so much better, and I am more energized.  I can do my work better, and I am constantly receiving compliments from people that I look so much younger and that I look so great.  I love it!

C.B. -  age 60, Naples FL

 *individual results may vary

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