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2012 Southwest FL Choice Awards Winner | Naples Best Weight Loss Center

2012 Southwest FL Choice Awards Winner | Naples Best Weight Loss Center

Annual Southwest Choice Awards Committee counted the votes and tallied the emails. The savvy residents of Naples have dubbed us the Best Weight Loss Center in Southwest Florida. Thank you for making us #1 for two years running! It is our pleasure to offer the highest caliber service and support in our field.

At Cederquist Comprehensive Medical Center, we partner with our patients to create a profound transformation that makes a lifelong difference in their health and well-being.

We are experts in nutrition and metabolism. Firmly grounded in medical science, we are a refreshing opportunity for our patients who have issues with obtaining and maintaining an optimally functioning metabolism.

We strive to continuously refine and explore the medical and metabolic reasons why achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can be so challenging for our patients who have almost always achieved success and great mastery in most every other aspect of their lives.

We stand by the belief that all people’s wellbeing can be transformed. Many, while hopeful for change, come to us resigned by the difficulties and issues they have known. Some feel their body has changed and a new frustrating metabolism has taken over. Others have had issues for as long as they can remember and find it difficult to visualize a different future. A number of our patients share that they do not know and never have known what it is like to feel good. We acknowledge and appreciate the strength, courage and integrity necessary to triumph over challenges. Our partnership powerfully enables our patients to let go of patterns and ways of being and acting that no longer work within the context of a healthy future.

Our excitement with our work goes beyond weight loss and healthy weight management. Through careful investigation and analysis, and with the collaboration of our patient, our multi-disciplinary team creates a carefully devised plan of action to alleviate or significantly improve physical symptoms that dampen vitality as well as create a new future with their health, wellbeing, metabolism and weight.

Each patient experiences that their time is valuable by our friendly, caring, courteous and knowledgeable team. Our patients benefit by obtaining a quality of life they felt had been lost or they never knew was possible. Each person embraces a new future confident with the new found ability to live a vibrant and healthy life.

Cederquist Comprehensive Medical Center is led by Caroline Cederquist M.D., who has devoted her career to discovering all the metabolic reasons why weight gain occurs, and how to help women and men lose weight and keep it off.

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