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4 Easy Ways to Regroup after Holiday Eating

4 Easy Ways to Regroup after Holiday Eating

Even with the best of intentions, all of us indulge a little more than we planned over the holidays. We promise ourselves not to drink so much, or eat so many desserts, but somehow it just slips right through our hands, and into our mouths! 

Afterward, we are left feeling bloated, a little ill, and maybe a bit guilty for all the calories we’ve indulged and absorbed.

Luckily, getting back on track after holiday eating is not as hard as we sometimes think.  Use these four techniques to get back on track, and regroup after holiday eating.

1 –  Dump the guilt.  It won’t help you here. All you have control over is what is ahead of you.  So what if you didn’t do as well as you wanted. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and give it another go.  If you are beating yourself up, you are wasting energy. So get rid of the guilt, and use the energy doing something more productive.

2 – Ditch any extra food. Even though we all feel wrong throwing away perfectly good food, it’s more important to control our weight, and our health. This is the priority. Don’t save calorie-dense, unhealthy food that will tempt you at every encounter! Dump it! It’s going to a better place than if you ate it – the garbage – instead of on your hips or belly.

3 – Revisit and Revise your Goals. If you’ve overindulged, then that can make your goals seem very out of reach. But don’t be afraid to revise them, and make them something you can achieve! Success will bolster you onward, but feeling like you’ve failed will only set you back more. Don’t ditch your diet, modify your goals to those you can reach. No one is perfect, so don’t expect that from the weight loss goals you set either.

4 – Heap on the Healthy Meal and a Favorite Workout.  You are only one healthy meal and one workout away from getting back on track after holiday eating. For extra motivation, cook your favorite meal that is a part of your weight loss program, and blast some awesome music while doing your best-loved workout. Bouncing back will do a world of good for your weight.

If you’ve overeaten and indulged a little extra with holiday eating, then in reality, the damage may be not as bad as you think.  These four ways to get back on track will help you get back to the business of losing weight faster than you can say ‘resolution’.

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