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I Can Breathe Normally Now – Allergy Testing Success Stories

My life is so much better, because I can move more freely. No more neck pain, back pain, or sleeping problems

“You Should See the Smile on my wife’s Face”

I knew I had to lose weight, because I had horrible back pain, neck pain, sleeping problems, and it was difficult for me to breathe. I also had high cholesterol and digestion issues. The most surprising part of avoiding foods was how much less bloated and congested I felt.

My life was painful on a daily basis, and after I resolved craving food and eating for comfort, I realized I am not hungry, It was a learned behavior and I have found new outlets for this.

My life is so much better, because I can move more freely, and even though I miss having ice cream, my dietitians have helped me find new alternatives that I can enjoy just as much. I have learned that you don’t need 90% of the food that is in the grocery store, if you read the ingredients, you realize most of it is not food. Thank you so much Cederquist Staff, for all that you have taught me!

S.S. – Male, Naples, FL

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