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Time for Some But-Blasting - Weight Loss Management

Time for Some But-Blasting – Weight Loss Management

What we say and the way we speak to ourselves has a profound effect on what we do and the actions we take. Find out how blasting the word 'but' from your day can help lose weight and stay positive.

Weight Loss Management: Time for Some”But” Blasting

We don’t mean blasting the butt that you sit on. Nothing related to squats, lunges, or glut exercises at all. We are talking about the word ‘but’ that you speak, a word that has the power to hold you back, or the power to make a real difference in your life, health and well-being.

What we say and the way we speak to ourselves has a profound effect on what we do and the actions we take, as well as how we can manage our weight loss.

See how the following statements relate to you. It is even more powerful to read the statements aloud. What do you hear?


“I know it is important to exercise, but I work very long hours.”

“I understand that it is very important to eat well, but I am not a great cook and really have no time for meal preparation.”

Most of us can relate to some part of Margaret’s outlook. However, there is an untruth in the statements Margaret has said. It is very important to dissect her statements and find the untruth. When you become aware and are able to distinguish the untruths you often say to yourself, you obtain real power and the ability to achieve what is important to you.

Let’s break it down.”I know it is important to exercise” is a true statement.”I work long hours” is also very true. The untruth lies with the word”but”. These two distinct statements are not actually connected, and only the little word”but” has connected them. See what happens when you replace the connector word but with the non-connecting word and.


“I know it is important to exercise, and I work very long hours.”

“I understand that it is very important to eat well, and I am not a great cook and really have no time for meal preparation.”

Eating the right combination of foods and getting regular exercise are important in correcting stubborn metabolic conditions that make it easy to gain weight and hard to lose weight. It is clear that both Margaret and Caroline are encountering some challenges in following the lifestyle plan and agreements they have created. There is however, a very significant difference in what Margaret and Caroline are saying.

Margaret has connected her need to schedule exercise to the amount of hours she works. She has also connected her meal plan with her lack of cooking skills and lack of time for meal preparation. Most of us would interpret what she has said to mean that she knows these things are important to do, yet she is just unable to do them due to the barriers in her life. It seems to her that it’s impossible.

Wait a minute, you may say – the amount of time you spend working IS connected with how much time there is to exercise. We all only have 24 hours in the day. You will see that even though you do require time to work and time to exercise, they are actually not connected.

Let’s contrast what Margaret said with what Caroline said. Caroline states that it is important to exercise AND she works long hours. Her conversation with herself retains a ‘can-do’ element, because she has not used the word but.

This just means that the possibility exists to Caroline that she can find a way to find time to exercise as it is important to her. She does work long hours and while it is a barrier that makes it more, she will still be able to do it. She kept the door open to processing what she can do, and how she can fit in exercise before, after or during her long hours of work. There are numerous solutions available for her, she simply has to find one that she can realistically fit into her life.

Caroline can also take her statement and choose to expand on it. She may realize that her life is not balanced. While work is important to her, so is her health, energy and vitality. She will have to look at what she does, how she does it, and ponder any changes should be made in her schedule. There are certainly consequences to adjusting her work schedule. She may not earn as much money, or her job may not be as secure. However, even with that has she made a connection that is not necessarily true. She could work fewer hours and be more productive, relaxed, and inspirational to the people she works with, because she is taking care of herself through exercise and healthy living.

With regards to Caroline’s meal prep issues, she does have challenges. For people who dislike cooking it can be a real challenge to have healthy food and ingredients available to quickly whip up meals, especially after a long day at work. It is even more challenging if the children are hungry, cranky or needing to be delivered to various after-school activities.

From Dr. Cederquist:

“This concept was the driving force that let me to create BistroMD, which delivers chef-prepared frozen meals with the balance of macronutrients I recommend in my practice, all without chemicals and additives. This meal delivery program is an option for Margaret, in addition to the many other options which are available to her as well. Thousands of patients have worked with our dietary staff over the years to create meal options that work for someone with limited time for meal prep and limited culinary skills.”

Margaret and Caroline have the same weight loss and wellness goal. They are both motivated by health concerns. They both feel committed to losing weight and then maintaining a healthy weight. They both feel it is important. However, losing weight and achieving a metabolism that functions properly requires specific action. Margaret’s dependent/excuse-based attitude contrasts strongly with Caroline’s can-do attitude. It’s easy to predict who will be more successful.

“For more than 25 years, exercise has become my way of taking care of my body and alleviating the stress that comes with mental work that requires long hours. I worked long hours in medical school, residency, and as a practicing physician. There is also a work of life when you have four children of different ages. They need attention, time, material things, attentive listening, discipline. That time spent could be considered work as it is not always effortless and fun. I know that I have been able to give more of myself to all the people whose lives I touch, whether they are my family members, staff members, patients or people in the community when I exercise my body consistently and nourish it with high quality food.”


Action is the only thing that allows us to impact our health and wellness. We take action or don’t take action because of the things we tell ourselves or what comes to our mind about any given situation. A large part of that process is what we have already connected to the situation. Disconnecting associations we have made about how our world works can have a huge impact. Yes,”It is important to exercise” and”I work long hours” are two separate statements. If we connect them, there is less possibility we will be successful with achieving what we said was important to us. If we separate them, we can deal powerfully with what is truthfully present and come up with a real plan of action that works and makes a lifelong impact.

Listen to what you say to yourself and others. How often do you connect two separate things with the word”but”? Become aware of what you say, so you can have access to the real possibility of transforming your health and well being. When you hear yourself telling yourself something like”I want to lose weight, but I am going on a trip”, replace it with”I want to lose weight but my hair is brown.” The more absurd the better so you can experience the impact that your first statement was really composed of two separate things that are not connected. Practice makes perfect in helping distinguish this common simple thing we all do. As you practice But Blasting, you will gain power. You will be amazed by the difference you create for yourself in your life.

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