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Weight and PCOS

Weight and PCOS

Women who have PCOS can have a more challenging time losing weight. We have treated many women who have PCOS with great results.

Women with PCOS often experience weight gain, especially around their abdomen. Women who have PCOS have a challenging time losing weight as well, because the hormonal system is unbalanced. In order to set your system right, a few dietary and lifestyle changes can go a long way. With the right meal plan and discovering a type of physical activity that you love, you will be creating an enjoyable lifestyle to lose weight.

At Cederquist Medical Wellness Center, we have treated many women with PCOS who have had a challenging time of losing weight. After starting our program, not only do they lose weight, they have more energy, they are more able to get pregnant, and they improve their health risks associated with diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

PCOS is also related to insulin resistance, where your body has difficulty properly utilizing insulin. When your body isn’t responding to insulin like it should, your blood sugar levels go up. Unfortunately over time, this increases your chance of getting diabetes. This is also the main reason why many women gain weight with PCOS. It’s also the primary reason it can be so difficult to lose weight.

To learn more about PCOS weight gain and treatments, please call our office at 239-494-6159.

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