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Weight Loss Success: Gradually Gained with Menopause

Everything about my menopause metabolism has changed now. I feel fantastic, and I don’t even thing about the old ways because I’m so happy and feel so gratified with my results. I’ve learned not to quit, but to keep going.

I first realized that I was in the midst of the onset of menopause when I had lower libido, weight gain, and I felt sluggish, tired, and just ‘off’.  Things weren’t the same anymore, and I wasn’t feeling very good. But my main frustration I had was my unexplained weight gain. 

I never had any trouble losing weight in the past. I could indulge at social events and I’d see 5 pounds creep on, and it was never a problem to cut back and modify my eating for a couple of weeks. I’d be back to normal.  But once the switch became flipped and I entered full-fledged menopause, that all became a wash.

    Twenty pounds went on, and the classic way from college of losing weight wasn’t working. It was like I was fighting the weight, and things were tighter than ever before.  I kept getting higher and ten more pounds crept on.  I felt so stuck, with no successes.

    My body changed so much, I grew out of my underwear and my thighs were much larger.  I had more belly weight gain at first, and then all of my body started getting bigger. My breasts became enlarged, and I was in denial. I realized this when all I shopped for were shoes and hats, because I hated all my other clothes.  I had more shoes and hats and handbags, and couldn’t bring myself to shop for sizes in a different size range.  And I couldn’t accept the style that comes with that different size range.

    Prior to beginning Dr. Cederquist’s menopause metabolism program, I tried cutting back on portions, I ate more soups and vegetables, I did lots of jello and low calorie foods.  None of it was working, and I craved carbohydrates like potatoes, bread, and stuffing like it was nobody’s business.  I had no idea what to try, and no idea where to go next.  I realized I needed a physician, with an able support staff, because I couldn’t figure it out myself.

    Now I have relearned everything I knew about dieting.  The first 6 months were terribly difficult, working and shopping and traveling, until I realized that it was becoming a part of the way I ate, a part of the way I lived.  I was never hungry, and never needed to indulge in alcohol or give into any sugar craving.

    Everything about my menopause metabolism has changed now.  I feel fantastic, and I don’t even thing about the old ways because I’m so happy and feel so gratified with my results. I’ve learned not to quit, but to keep going.

    Once my husband and now teammate got on board and joined my health efforts, it made a world of difference.  After he joined my efforts, I enjoyed activities and time spent with him so much, and together we came up with good food choices. He began not only encouraging me, as he always had, but began putting action behind his words and joining me on my walks.  It felt like the final step to a complete lifestyle change that has allowed me to defeat the menopause metabolism.  It has taken about 8 months, and now everything has fallen into place.

C. G. Age 57

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