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Weight Loss Success: Metabolically Stuck

Weight Loss Success: I especially hated that I looked like a marshmallow on toothpicks because my fat was around my middle and I have small bone structure.

When I was 54, I started to see that my periods were becoming lighter and shorter in duration.  I had occasional night-time hot flashes, but the worst symptom I had was insomnia, which lasted for nearly a year.  I noticed my skin getting drier, and my eyes itched often, and some vaginal dryness.

I gained a few pounds a year until I was about 10-12 pounds over my usual weight.  So I went back to weight watchers and added an extra exercise and diet program from the YMCA, and I aimed to eat only two times daily.  I was extremely frustrated because these measures had always worked for me previously, and my weight was not budging. This just didn’t seem fair.  I was in a pattern of starting a diet almost every Monday and going off by the weekend.

    I came to Dr. Cederquist because I wanted to lose the extra pounds and to look better. I was concerned that I might continue gaining weight if I didn’t do something.  I knew that led to more health issues that I didn’t want to be faced with.  I especially hated that I looked like a marshmallow on toothpicks because my fat was around my middle and I have small bone structure.  I felt that I had tried and failed to lose and keep the pounds off, so coming to see Dr. Cederquist was a last resort, and my final effort.

    I complied with the plan because I was making a determined effort to lose weight before I encountered health issues that coincide with weight gains.  I was skeptical of the idea that my metabolism was different because of menopause.  I had eaten a “healthy diet” for years, exercised and avoided many health risks, like smoking.

    I had to do some research on my own, I wanted to see evidence from medical journals and reports. I now begrudgingly accept my menopause metabolism, because I’m living proof.  I have experimented with consuming foods I used to think were healthy, like a lot of whole grains, and sure enough, I can tip the scales upward in no time.  I have also had this discussion with my women friends in the same predicament and we hate to admit it, but it’s true. We are educated professionals and we have prided ourselves on our mostly healthy lifestyles.  This aspect of aging took us unawares and we have not accepted it without complaint.

    However, now I understand the best way to eat for my metabolism, and it is not a situation where I must succumb to being unable to lose weight. I have reversed my metabolism into one that is able to lose fat and keep it off. I am convinced I have outsmarted my own menopause metabolism.
 B. T. Age 59

HRT and Weight Loss – Hear from our pateints who were able to lose weight successfully whether or not they take hormone replacement therapy HRT.

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