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The following are individual success stories and the results may vary.


Weight Loss Success Stories: 70 pounds lighter

Weight loss Success Stories: Prove to yourself that you aren’t dead yet and you do have a will. *individual results may vary

Weight Loss Success Stories

70 pounds lighter

The only thing easier to ignore than a scold’s advice is weight gain, especially gradual weight gain. One day, however, the ten pounds you’ve added every decade for the last three or four get your attention when you see your profile and wonder how you swallowed a basketball without noticing.

You begin to do something about it. Exercise alone doesn’t seem to work. Do you really have to do both: exercise and correct your diet?

When even that doesn’t work, you decide to chalk it up to the advancing years, slower metabolism, and genes. Give up. Learn to enjoy life. They say a glass of wine is good for you. Two or three can’t be that bad.

But you still feel uncomfortable. You still feel like you’re copping out. If you’re lucky, you discover Dr. Cederquist and decide to prove to yourself that you aren’t dead yet and you do have a will.

You learn why whatever you tried to do was ineffective. You learn about insulin resistance. You learn about food allergies. You learn that carbs are great in vegetables but not so great in bread and bagels.

If you listen and commit to trying her program, you will have success. You need patience and fortitude. If you have the will, this is the way. There may be others but I’m convinced there are none as informative or as science based or as effective as Dr. Cederquist’s approach. I’m sixty, soon to be seventy pounds lighter, healthier and happier. It will be a transforming experience for you if you want it to be.

P.J.  Male Age 68    Naples FL

 *individual results may vary

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