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The following are individual success stories and the results may vary.


Weight Loss Success Stories: High Cholesterol a Thing of the Past

Before I came to see Dr. Caroline Cederquist, I had high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and a lot of waist-heaviness. *individual results may vary.

“My High Cholesterol Became a Thing of the Past”

I discovered Dr. Cederquist’s program through a co-worker who recommended her to me. Before I came to see her, I had high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and a lot of waist-heaviness. By following the program and getting adequate protein and snacks in, I was able to lose 15 pounds and it took me three to four months.

The best part of the program for me was that I had a variety of choices of food, and the portions are large. I was eating often and felt full. The lean and often vegetarian protein stays with you.

The hardest part of losing weight for me at the beginning was readjusting my routine and shopping for the right foods. But once I was used to the program, it became second nature. I had not tried other methods to lose weight before. I learned so much from doing Dr. Cederquist’s program, about how to have the right amounts of protein and to control the amount of carbohydrates I ate, to lower my high blood sugars and cholesterol level.

I know I’ll be able to maintain the weight loss, because it’s not difficult to follow and stick with it. The biggest benefits of losing the weight are better health in general, and also staying away from medications!

– C.L. Female age 62

*individual results may vary

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