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Weight Loss Tip: Did you Eat your Veggies Today?

Weight Loss Tip: Did you Eat your Veggies Today?

We don’t want to sound like your mother, but it is vitally important that you eat 4-5 servings of veggies each and every day. Vary the color and the kind, and you’ll be doing yourself a real health favor, with flavor! It’s easy to focus on getting certain parts of a meal in, and keeping certain foods out when you are following a weight loss plan. But set a mini side goal to get those veggies on a daily basis.

You’ll do wonders for reducing your chances of getting cancer, developing high blood pressure, and developing lifestyle diseases like diabetes or heart disease.

Do your body good, and count your servings of non-starchy vegetables today, and see if you can get at least four servings.  It’s the first step to making sure that you eat them more regularly. The fiber and nutrients in vegetables can keep you feeling full and healthy each and every day.

What counts?

Pick four items from the list below, and you have reached your daily veggie quota, or increase your serving size of the same vegetable. For example, 1 whole cup of steamed broccoli contains two servings, and it will get you halfway to your daily veggie goal. For more veggie ideas, look for non-starchy vegetables that are bright in color and easy for you to implement into your program. Remember, if you eat your veggies raw, eat 1 cup for a serving. If it is cooked, eat ½ cup to have one serving.

A serving of non-starchy vegetables could be one of the following:

½ cup cooked broccoli

1 cup of salad greens

10 baby carrots

½ cup salsa

1 small diced tomato

½  cup cooked squash or zucchini

½  cup cauliflower

6 baby asparagus

½ cup onions

1 cup sliced or diced cucumber

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