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Weight Loss Tips: Prefer Pistachios

Weight Loss Tips: Prefer Pistachios

According to researchers at the University of Eastern Illinois, when you eat pistachios twice a week, you are less likely to gain weight – compared to someone who isn’t munching on those green goodies.

To crack this nut wide open, researchers also found that people who crunched on pistachios that were still inside the shell consumed 50 percent less than those who ate the shelled kind.

And still, they reported their appetite was curbed and they were just as satisfied as the group who ate twice the pistachios they did.

Pistachios contain the lowest amount of fat in addition to being high in fiber as far as nuts go. The best part? You can eat more pistachios per serving compared to any other snackable nut – a whopping 49 pistachios to be precise.

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