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Can I Take Too Much Calcium?

Can I Take Too Much Calcium?

Dr. Cederquist discusses how recommendation for calcium has changed, and how vitamin D is the biggest marker of how that calcium will be monitored by the body.

Many women are told to take 1200mg of calcium each day, but recent research shows this may be too much. Women who took calcium in the form of supplements were shown to have a greater risk of heart attacks than women who did not take calcium supplements.

We all know that calcium is the most prevalent mineral in the body, but there is much more than that making up our bone structure. Protein, Vitamin D, and other minerals like magnesium all make up the matrix of bone tissue.

For women who want to avoid bone density issues, or correct and improve their bone density, the most vital thing you can do is have your vitamin D level tested, and to ensure you are taking in adequate protein, as well as calcium from food sources.

Best Sources of Calcium:

Yogurt – 250 mg Calcium
Cheese – 300 mg Calcium

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