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Curb your Appetite: Avoid Foods that make you Hungrier

Curb your Appetite: Avoid Foods that make you Hungrier. See this list of foods that make your want to eat more.

Eating certain foods can actually make you hungrier later. Your will want to steer clear of these types of foods when you are trying to lose weight, because no one wants to battle their hunger and appetite all day!

When you eat certain foods that contain a lot of sugar and carbohydrates (which are broken down into sugar), this sugar gets dumped quite quickly into your blood stream.

As a result, your blood sugar will skyrocket, and then your body will release insulin to help get this sugar inside cells.  A couple of hours later, your blood sugar drops to normal, but because it was ramped up so quickly, sometimes it will drop lower than it’s supposed to. 

Your body needs to control blood sugar control pretty carefully.  Or else you will have that ‘hunger attack’ out of the blue. Certain foods make you hungrier after you eat them. 

When you eat a doughnut, for example, your body sees that a huge increase in blood sugar has occurred, so it will release a lot of insulin to take care of it.  The same goes for a baked potato.  The starch in a potato is broken down into sugar molecules which get rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream, and again your body will release insulin.

Insulin is really good at pushing sugar inside cells, but when there is a lot of insulin circulating in your system, sometimes too much sugar gets pushed in, and your blood sugar drops a little too low.  Nothing dangerous, but enough to make you hungry again! Foods that make your blood sugar spike rapidly can act as an appetite stimulant.

Most people find they are hungry a couple hours after a breakfast of cereal and milk, which is a carbohydrate and sugar-based breakfast.  

If the same person chooses something with protein, like an egg omelet or cottage cheese with a small amount of fruit, they typically find they are not hungry so quickly. In fact, they slowly become hungry, instead of an attack of hunger and cravings, as with the ravenous dieter!

When you choose foods that dump less sugar and carbohydrates into your system, you may find that you are not hungry again so soon after you’ve eaten.  These sorts of foods include protein rich foods, nuts, seed, low sugar fruits like berries or an apple, cheese, and vegetables.

Make sure you avoid these foods if you are looking to curb your appetite!

Foods That Make You Hungrier, and Stimulate your Appetite
BagelsCakeCorn chips
Bread or RollsCandyEgg rolls
CerealsDoughnutsFruit Juice
CornCorn SyrupSugary Sodas
CornbreadDried fruitsPizza
CornstarchIce creamPotato Chips
CroissantsItalian ice, sherbetPretzels
FlourJam or JellyFrench Fries
MuffinsMolassesFried Food
NoodlesPastriesRice cakes
Pita BreadPudding 
PotatoesSweetened Sodas 
RiceSugar (white, brown) 
Taco shellsFrozen yogurt 
TortillasHigh Fructose Corn Syrup 
Hamburger buns / hot dog buns

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