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Diagnosing Insulin Resistance

Diagnosing Insulin Resistance

Dr. Cederquist explains how she diagnoses Insulin Resistance. Learn whether or not you have the laboratory parameters that coincide with insulin resistance.

My patients tell me the truth. They are not trying to waste their own time, nor are they trying to waste my time.  They tell me specifics about what they are eating, and I understand why they are frustrated with elusive weight loss. The good news is that the metabolic problem of insulin resistance is very easy to diagnose, and very treatable with a medically based meal plan.

Testing for Insulin Resistance

It’s very easy to test for insulin resistance. I look at waist circumference, and if it is more than 35 inches for a woman, or more than 40 inches for a man, then this is a very strong indicator that they are at risk for the metabolic condition of insulin resistance. If the weight is largely distributed around the abdomen it is an even bigger indicator for me.

I also investigate what laboratory results can reveal.  If your cholesterol panel shows that your triglycerides are very high, and at the same time your HDL or “good” cholesterol is low, that can be a very strong indicator of insulin resistance.

Your fasting blood sugar, and fasting insulin level reveal how your body is trying to compensate for decreased tolerance to carbohydrates.  If this is elevated, you need a specific treatment plan in order to correct this, and also to help manage your weight.

A measure of the three month blood sugar, or a Hemoglobin A1c, is not just for diabetics. I have found it very useful in my pracice for spotting insulin resistance before it shows up in elevated insulin and blood sugar levels. It allow me to catch it early, when it is easily corrected.

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