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How to Lose Weight for a Wedding

Learm More About How to Lose Weight for a Wedding! Diets, fitness, and plans.

All brides (and sometimes even grooms) want to lose weight for a wedding but sometimes don’t know the best approach. There is certainly no end to diets advertised on television, the internet and in magazines that promise rapid weight loss with little effort. Unfortunately, these diets are often very dangerous for your health and completely ineffective. At Cederquist Medical Wellness Center, we know that there is no easy way to help you lose weight for a wedding and that your best approach is a healthy balanced diet and exercise.

Nonetheless, we all get wrapped up in our daily routines so much so that we sometimes lose touch with how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Why not take this opportunity to learn how to lose weight for a wedding but also how to continue on the path to total health and fitness?

In fact, your wedding is a great motivator to change your life. While your ultimate goal will be to lose weight for a wedding you don’t need to stop here. Instead, take some time to learn about healthy eating and exercise so that you can make a long-term change in your lifestyle.

The first step for anybody who wants to lose weight for a wedding (not just brides and grooms who want to look good for these celebrations) is to develop healthy eating habits. Our professional staff at Cederquist Medical Wellness Center can make a few recommendations to help you with this challenge. First of all, eat a balanced breakfast that includes fruit. Starting the day with a sound breakfast will help to reduce mid-morning food cravings. Secondly, try to eat at regular intervals (ideally every 4 hours). Recent dietary research indicates that rather than eating 3 large meals daily, our metabolism is better served by regular, small meals so long as we are not increasing the number of calories we consume.

It is also important to understand portion sizes if you hope to lose weight for a wedding. Take some time to familiarize yourself with adequate portion sizes. Dr Cederquist’s guideline is that a ½ cup of rice is about the size of your fist, an ounce of cheese is about half the size of a golf ball, and your meat portions should fit in the palm of your hand. Another guideline is to portion your plate so that three quarters are vegetables, grains, beans or fruit and one quarter is lean meat or dairy.

Another simple trick to help you lose weight for a wedding is to drink plenty of water. Water is, of course, necessary for our survival but its weight loss benefits are derived from the fact that drinking water makes us feel full. Limiting hunger cravings will help us eat less and our brain can’t differentiate between being full on water and being full on food. Any time you feel some hunger cravings coming on, pour yourself a large glass of water. Water is very good for us and has no calories, so it’s an excellent alternative to food. However, you should never skip meals or use water as a replacement for food. We still need to eat regular health meals if we want to lose weight for a wedding and maintain a healthy body.

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