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Insulin Resistance: Hormonal Changes with Menopause

Many women will experience significant weight gain during menopause. Find out how aging and hormonal changes are an important cause and contributor to insulin resistance.

Aging and hormonal changes are another important cause and contributor to insulin resistance.  All of us become less insulin sensitive and more insulin resistant as we age.  That is why young, physically active men and women can eat a large percentage of their calories from carbohydrate without weight gain.  With age, declining hormone levels and other factors contribute to this declining insulin sensitivity whereby some people feel if they eat more than a limited amount of carbohydrate daily, they immediately gain weight.

Studies with laboratory rats show that when ovaries are surgically removed, the animal immediately develops insulin resistance and gains weight despite not being given more food. As a direct result of surgical menopause the animals developed insulin resistance, and gained weight!

Many women will experience significant weight gain over a short period of time after a surgical menopause.  Women who have natural menopause with more slowly declining hormone levels will also experience significant weight gain, usually thirty pounds on average.

To learn more about how insulin resistance and menopause can cause weight gain, please call our office at 239-288-2789.

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