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Must I eat like this forever?

Must I eat like this forever?

Dr. Cederquist shows us that when you correct your metabolism that likes to gain weight, you can eat the right amounts of more normal foods again.

Have you ever just looked at a piece of dessert and felt like you gained a pound? Many people wonder if the meal plan they are recommended to lose weight is one they must stay on forever. You may feel you will never be able to enjoy a dessert again without packing a few pounds back on.

Luckily this is not the case at all. When the medical condition of insulin resistance is reversed and corrected, you are indeed able to eat more normal foods.

When the body rids itself of intra-abdominal fat, or belly fat, it begins to tolerate more normal foods without trying to store it all as fat. Your body is designed to be able to take in all types of foods without excess weight gain. This includes desserts.

But before that, all of the laboratory parameters of insulin resistance, or pre-diabetes, must be corrected. The good news is, most of the markers of insulin resistance begin to resolve after a few weeks of following your weight-loss program. The body gets better at ‘using up’ dessert, instead of just storing it!

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