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Protein for Weight Loss

Protein is imperative for weight loss. If you are trying to achieve regular, steady weight loss without starving, you must incorporate lean proteins consistently throughout your day.

We can hear all the men cheering now.  Protein for weight loss sounds agreeable to most men, and lots of women, too.  Protein is satisfying, and keeps your blood sugar nice and stable throughout the day.

The problem with protein is that it’s almost always buddied up with fat.  Meat products like chicken, fish, steak, pork, shrimp all contain protein, but the buck doesn’t stop there. You can also get good quality protein from other non-meat sources like cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs, cheese, soy protein, and vegetarian protein blends.

The body has a requirement for adequate lean protein each and every day. If you do not eat enough protein in a given day, then your body will draw from the only store that it has – your lean muscle tissue.

All night long your body assembles and disassembles proteins, called protein turnover. When you wake up in the morning after sleeping, your body demands amino acids from protein be replaced, as it cannot produce certain amino acids, you must eat these.

Your body needs a constant supply of dietary amino acids to draw from during the day, or else it will begin to draw from lean muscle tissue.

Lean muscle tissue is the basis for your metabolic rate, along with your genetics. If you begin losing lean musle tissue because you are not eating enough protein, then your metabolsim is going to become slower.

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