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Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

Dr. Cederquist describes the symptoms that going along with Insulin Resistance. Insulin Resistance is a state of metabolism that makes it very easy to gain weight, and very difficult to lose it.

Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

You don’t have to have lab work done to determine whether or not you have insulin resistance. There are some key indiators that you have insulin resistance, because it causes specific symptoms.

  • Craving sugars and/or starches
  • Lack of hunger in the morning
  • If you miss a meal, you feel week and shaky
  • Food doesn’t really interest you, until you actually begin eating and then you gobble it down
  • 2-4pm hunger, where you experience a “feeding time”

If you feel hungrier on mornings that you actually eat breakfast, and you feel less hungry if you just skip breakfast, then you are likely experiencing some insulin resistance. If you have a traditional breakfast of toast and cereal or fruit, or pancakes for example, and you feel ravenously hungry in a few hours, then you likely have a metabolism that needs some tweaking.

The type of hunger that arises with insulin resistance is not a normal hunger. It is a case of “I will eat anything that won’t eat me first!”.

The wrong type of foods during the day can acutally act as an appetite stimulant, instead of working to curb your hunger.

Diet pills or weight loss medication can be unsafe for many people, and I find that naturally curbing appetite with normal foods to be very effective in controlling hunger.

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