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The Safe Way to Weight Loss

Often, people trying to lose weight quickly make a big mistake. They starve themselves, or reduce and restrict calories, or maybe they only eat one meal a day, just so that they can see the scale go down.

Even though the media may promise you differently, and ads on the television report miraculous, though not typical, results, weight loss needs to occur in a way that is safe for your body, and one that won’t starve your metabolism.

That means losing about 2 pounds per week—which is most likely the loss of fat and not lean muscle tissue. Dropping weight too quickly means you are losing lean body mass, which is unsafe for your body, and can be detrimental for your health.

Weight Loss Success

The problem with this is that your body will kick into a type of starvation mode, during which it will slow your metabolic rate so you conserve calories, and it will turn on certain hormones that make you store calories that you do eat. It does use small amount of body fat, but mostly it burns lean protein and muscle tissue, leading to muscle wasting.  This happens because when you only eat one meal per day, you are drastically low in a very important nutrient: protein.

This can be extremely detrimental, and makes your body resist weight loss in the future. Worst of all, this means that if you start eating normally again, your body will rebound into weight gain faster than you lost it. The best way to lose weight is to do it safely, and in a way that keeps your metabolism working and your muscles fed.

Exercise your Will

No one wants to be told their weight loss will be around 2 pounds per week. We all want it to go faster, but if you want to build a healthy, lean body, this is the way to do it.  Safe weight loss requires perseverance, patience, and commitment.  There is no miracle pill that makes fat fall off of you. 

Keep in mind you are doing great if you are losing weight in a faster amount of time than it took you to gain it.  For example, if it took you one year to gain 15 pounds, and it takes you 8 weeks to lose it, you are really beating the odds!

Sometimes friends and family members can really sabotage your weight management program. Either by not noticing, or by asking why your progress is slower, or suggesting other programs you could try.  You must let them know how committed you are in meeting your goal in safe way.

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