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Weight Loss and Medical Wellness Plan

Weight Loss and Medical Wellness Built for YOU

Not feeling like your healthiest self? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work? It can be frustrating when it feels like there is no solution in sight.

That’s why we’re here to help you on this journey. It’s never too late to find the path to a natural and healthy lifestyle. 

About Cederquist Medical

Our Founding Principles

Cederquist Medical was founded in the late 1990s on a simple principle – if patients could lose weight, not only would that prevent many diseases, but it would also help patients reduce or even stop taking medication. 


Cederquist Medical is committed to taking an entirely different approach to impact our patients’ health. Our goal is to decrease a variety of risk factors and improve health and quality of life long-term, by primarily using food as medicine, and working with patients on an individual basis.


Instead of resigning ourselves to just handing out prescriptions to treat a disease or symptom, we became intent on discovering the underlying causes of patients’ most common issues, like high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight gain. Although Preventive medicine wasn’t a new idea, we were one of the few clinics who made it a foundational principle in the way we practice medicine.

By providing the right dietary and lifestyle treatment programs, we have helped many patients normalize cholesterol levels, lose weight after years of failure, reduce or eliminate medications, and, most importantly, improve their health and well-being in life-transforming ways. 

Twenty plus years later, as we look to new technology and ideas to help our patients get and stay healthy, we haven’t forgotten our foundation of treating our patients as individuals who receive personalized, preventive care. 

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