No More Headaches - Allergy Testing Success Stories

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Allergy Testing

No More Headaches - Allergy Testing Success Stories

No More Headaches - Allergy Testing Success Stories

"Feeling well, rested, and full of life!"

Three months ago when I walked into your office I was desperate for help. I have tried for years on yo-yo diets to lose weight only to gain it back plus more. My health has deteriorated to where I suffer daily with back pain, muscle and joint aches and pains, and headaches; the headaches would often turn into migraines. I didn't want to do anything that would just mean walking around for long periods of time and took many pain reliever drugs just so I could feel normal again.

I came to you for help with weight loss but you gave me so much more. In our initial consultation you felt I was suffering from food sensitivities and that my body was suffering from inflammation from these sensitivities. The 28-day food elimination program you prescribed worked wonders. To do this elimination diet I was not to worry about losing weight, as that was not the goal, but I did lose weight! Within week of being on this diet I suffered no headaches and as the days went on the pain in my body completely went away! I found out to my amazement that I actually had food sensitivities to dairy and soy. Keeping these out of my diet has made me feel normal again without the use of pain relievers. I have had one bad headache in 12 weeks! This in itself is so refreshing; you must understand I used to have a headache every day!

The dietitian in charge of my progress helped me learn to eat the proper food for my body and lose weight while feeling good and not deprived. She was very knowledgeable of the foods out there in the grocery store's shelves and would suggest things to avoid and things to purchase to keep me on track but not bored.

I came to you for weight loss 12 weeks ago, but I have gotten so much more. I lost approximately 10 pounds of fat, not water, not muscle, but fat! I lost pain which is more important than any weight lost. I am no longer doing damage on my liver, pancreas, or stomach from the painkillers, because I am no longer in pain.

Thank you again and I will take the knowledge your program has taught me to make a lifestyle change that will keep me feeling well, rested, and full of life.

BB, Female, Age 56

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