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Lose Weight Without Surgery

Lose Weight Without Surgery

If you want to lose weight, but are hesitant or afraid of something as invasive as surgery, Dr. Cederquist describes the difference in medical management of weight loss and weight loss surgery.

Tune in to discover what a bariatric physician is, and how she performs medical, not surgical, weight loss. Weight loss without surgery is possible, and Dr. Cederquist employs the most recent metabolic science to help her patients acheive dramatic and fast weight loss results that last.

As one of only about 250 physicians in the country who are board certified in bariatric medicine, or medically-supervised weight loss, Dr. Cederquist monitors patients both before and after bariatric surgery.  She has helped thousands of patients lose weight without ever having to go through bariatric surgery.  Patients who felt that weight loss surgery was their last resort have beat the odds, and are able to lose weight without going under the knife.

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