Correct your Curry Sauce

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Correct your Curry Sauce

Correct your Curry Sauce

Weight Loss Tip: Correct your Curry Sauce

Most curry sauces are made with high fat coconut milk or heavy whipping cream. A great way to cut those calories to help you lose weight and boost the health benefits is to replace it with low-fat plain yogurt. It will provide the same creamy texture without the extra fat found in coconut milk or cream.

Go gourmet with plain Greek yogurt, which is even richer. It will add satisfying protein to your meal, plus it's high in well-absorbed calcium, which we know is good for bones, but also for weight loss!

Curry has it's place in the book of weight loss as well. It helps increase you antioxidant status, which helps reduce inflammation in your body.  When your body is healthier, it will let go of weight more easily.

So spice it up, Thai style, Indian, Green, Red, Yellow, or make your own version of curry sauce. It's a great sauce for adding a tons of flavor to chicken, lamb, beef, tofu, and veggies. 

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