Symptoms of Insulin Resistance: Do You Crave Sweets or Starches?

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Insulin Resistance

Symptoms of Insulin Resistance: Do You Crave Sweets or Starches?

Symptoms of Insulin Resistance: Do You Crave Sweets or Starches?


If you are a beloved carb-oholic, fear not. Do you crave sweets? If your cravings always seem to thwart your best weight-loss intentions and if you feel that once you start eating sweets you can't seem to stop, there is a solution. 

One of the main reasons that your body will crave sugars or starches like dessert, sweets, pasta, bread, or potatoes, is that your body has trouble maintaining a stable blood sugar to constantly keep the right amount of sugar in your bloodstream.

When your blood sugar drops, often you crave the very foods that will increase your blood sugar immediately. While carbohydrates and sugars can be comfort foods - as well as delicious treats - craving them uncontrollably is not normal.

Craving sweets and starches can indicate an underlying problem inside your cells. When you have a real physiological craving for sugar or carbs, you will feel compelled to eat them, and somewhat out of control once you start eating them. An example would be starting to eat a piece of pie and then not being able to stop. This is not entirely mental. When you have cells that are starving, you are going to crave sweets and carbs, that is a survival mechanism that lies deep in your body's DNA.

But why would your cells be starving? Especially if you carry extra weight, right? When you have unstable blood sugar levels through the day, it's normally because your body can't regulate them properly, which can be a result of a condition called insulin resistance. Even a slight amount of insulin resistance keeps your body from managing blood sugar levels normally. It also means that your cells are resistant to the action of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that acts like a key, to unlocks cells and allow glucose (sugar) inside. When you are insulin resistant, the insulin key doesn't fit properly, and so your cells don't get the glucose they need.

When your cells don't get the glucose they need, they become starved. Starving cells will crave sugar and carbohydrates, because this is your body's preferred energy source. But because that sugar can't get inside cells properly, and because insulin is a hormone that tells the body to store fat, then you are more likely to gain weight when you eat lots of sugars and carbohydrates. But your cells are still left starving. What do they need to be fed? Lean, healthy proteins like lowfat cheese, yogurt,chicken, turkey, fish, nuts, seeds, or protein shakes. These will help ensure your cells are being fed without causing huge swings in your blood sugar.

In order to stop the vicious cycle of craving carbs and sweets, it's important to learn the right type of meal plan that balances your blood sugars, and help ensure that your cells are getting the energy they need. To learn more about the best way to end your cravings for starches and sweets entirely, call our office at 239-309-7263. Our patients become able to walk into stores and bakeries and look the other way, not even tempted by the sweets and treats they see in front of them, something many of them never thought would be possible.

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