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"There is nothing more rewarding
than seeing the happiness that
health brings to a person's face."

Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D.

Meet Dr. Cederquist



Meet Dr. Cederquist

Caroline J. Cederquist, MD has taken a road few physicians have traveled. Beginning in 1991, she started her career in family practice. As it often happens with conventional medicine, she found herself prescribing round after round of medication, while knowing that if her patients could lose around 20-30 pounds that they wouldn’t need any medication at all.

With the desire to stop treating patients in a way that didn’t address the root of her patients’ problems, she came to a personal conclusion that conventional medicine did not provide all of the tools she needed to help her patients achieve optimum health.

Intent on discovering the underlying causes of her patients most common issues, like high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight gain, she began to envision Cederquist Medical Wellness Center. She decided to move to Naples FL with her family, and committed to taking an entirely different approach to impact her patients’ health. She wanted an approach that could reduce medications, decrease a variety of risk factors, and improve health and quality of life long-term, by using food as medicine, and working with patients on an individual basis.

Dr. Cederquist founded Cederquist Medical Wellness Center in 1997, with the primary aim of treating patients by addressing the causes of their health issues. By providing the right dietary and lifestyle treatment program, she has helped patients normalize cholesterol levels without any medication. Patients who have tried everything to lose weight finally find the answers they need, and they began to lose weight after years of failure. Patients who have diabetes are able to reduce or eliminate their medications. Most importantly, patients have been able to improve their health and well-being in life-transforming ways.

Every patient is evaluated as an individual, and receives personalized treatment. Dr. Cederquist understands that what works for one person does not guarantee it will work for another. With a customized treatment program created specifically for each patient, Dr. Cederquist has helped thousands of people lose weight and achieve better health.

One of only about 250 doctors nationwide to have achieved board certification in bariatrics – the specialty of medical weight management, Dr. Cederquist has appeared as a weight-management expert in a variety of venues, including:

  • The Dr. Phil Show
  • The Ricki Lake Show
  • The Ananda Lewis Show
  • The Today Show, Locally televised NBC affiliate in Fort Myers, FL
  • Local Radio "The Skinny on Your Health"
  • Hundreds of Publications in regional and national magazines and newspapers


  • National Upjohn Achievement Award for "Outstanding Personal and Professional Qualities Deemed Most Valuable in a Physician
  • Chief resident at the Medical College of Virginia
  • Board of Trustees of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians
  • Member of the Institute for Functional Medicine
  • National Merit Scholar
  • University of Miami's Honors Medical Education Program
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Alpha Omega Alpha - Officer (Medical Honors Society)

Meet The Staff

Nicole Hartwick, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition & Food Science and Dietetics and completed her Dietetic Internship at Keene State College in New Hampshire.

Nicole chose a career in nutrition and dietetics because of her interest in helping others. Nicole's goal is to educate others on healthy eating habits to promote long-term weight management and to be a source of inspiration, guidance, encouragement and accountability in each person’s journey. Since 2009 she has worked to develop the nutritional foundation for Cederquist Medical Wellness Center.

Her passion is to empower others to achieve dietary and wellness goals that lead to a vibrant and healthy life. Nicole is an expert in nutrition and metabolism and her specialties and interests include weight loss and weight management, hidden food allergies, insulin resistance, diabetes and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Natasha Genevro, Dietician Nutritionist, graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Nutritional Sciences. Natasha has worked as a Nutritionist for the government "WIC" program where she guided and coached families on nutrition and healthy eating habits. Natasha has also worked as a Wellness Coach for Geisinger Healthcare System, providing a high level of nutritional counseling to her patients.

In 2012 Natasha become a part of the Cederquist Medical Wellness team to continue her dream of providing complete care and nutritional guidance as a Dietitian Nutritionist. As a source of inspiration and guidance and being actively engaged in what is important to the patient, she partners with patients to create an environment of integrity and a resource for continued health.

Since grade school, Natasha's passion in life has been to have a positive impact on the health of others and ultimately, the world. Inspired by Ann Wigmore: "The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison."

Dr Donna Alpert, PhD, a licensed Mental Health Counselor, has worked with the team of professionals since 2001 at Cederquist Medical Wellness Center to educate, motivate and inspire patients to achieve optimum health. Dr. Alpert holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. She is a licensed mental health counselor and certified sex therapist that specializes in the treatment of weight management, eating disorders and disturbances, body image issues, sex therapy and relationships.

Dr. Alpert believes in the mind/body connection and how a healthy diet, exercise, relaxation and methods of stress-relief can positively impact a person's wellbeing. Her passion is promoting and living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to achieve optimum health and well-being.