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What's Your Motivation For Losing Weight?

Typically, the main reasons for wanting to lose weight are to feel better and look better, but the nuances to those motivations are as varied as the people who have them.




Understanding Thyroid Health

Weight loss can be stressful. Among weight loss programs, videos, and nutrition blogs, there is a lot of information available with the latest weight loss tips and tricks. If you’ve tried different methods and you still have stubborn fat that won’t go away, you may want to check your thyroid. Let’s dig into your thyroid and uncover ways to get rid of stubborn weight.




Alternatives to Eating for Comfort in Times of Stress

No one can deny that we are collectively experiencing stressful times, to say the least, during this coronavirus pandemic.  Many of us have been quarantined, voluntarily or not. During times like these it's easy to turn to food to help us feel better.  That may be fine if we eat healthy foods.  But, more often than not, junk food becomes our medicine. This article provides two alternatives to food to help you relieve stress.




Immune-Boosting Foods that Keep You Healthy

You can fight harmful bacteria and viruses by eating strategically. Choosing balanced meals filled with proteins, fruits and vegetables is the best way to keep your immune system strong. 




Vision Health: What You Eat Could Hurt You

You’ve probably heard that certain foods can positively impact your vision. Vegetables, like carrots, protect our sight by contributing a source of beta carotene. While a healthy diet can improve eye health, new research suggests that a poor diet can impact it as well.