Weight Loss Success Stories: Cederquist Success Story

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Success Stories

Weight Loss Success Stories: Cederquist Success Story

Weight Loss Success Stories

I found Dr. Cederquist's Naples weight loss practice online as I was searching for a way to lose weight. Before I came to see Dr. Cederquist, I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a general lack of energy.

The best thing about the program is the range of options that I have, and I learned how to ensure adequate lean protein intake, which I enjoy eating.  The most difficult part of the program was being around other people who were not watching their eating like was, and it was difficult to see them eating sweets and starches.  But I had tried other weight loss methods before, like Nutrisystem, Redux medication, and Atkins Diet, but none with as much success and enjoyment as this program.

With Dr. Cederquist's Total Approach Program, I learned that there are many, many options in a weight loss diet, more than I ever imagined. I have lost 50 pounds in three months!

I know I will be able to maintain the weight loss, because I have changed the way of thinking with regards to eating.  Basically, I eat for energy and nutrition for my body instead of food for comfort and pure enjoyment.

There are so many benefits to losing the weight, namely increased self-esteem, confidence, and a bit of vanity which had led me to being proud of my personal appearance.  Most importantly, I know that I am healthier and have better chance at a long, healthy life, because I’ve reduced so many of my health risk factors!

B.B. Male, Age 62

 *individual results may vary

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