Weight Loss Tip: Better Buffalo Wings

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Tips to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tip: Better Buffalo Wings

Tips to Lose Weight: Better Buffalo Wings

The reason that any chicken wing is a no-go on just about every dietary plan is... you guessed it: the fat. It  drips off and leaves a nice greasy pool below every wing.  Even without the deep-fried breading, the skin on chicken makes each wing have more grams of fat than it does protein.  Not to mention the sauce you toss it in or the sauce you dip it in.

The answer is not spending time peeling off chicken skin.  And we also don't think you should have to miss out on them!

Try using tenderloin or breast meat instead. Cut into 'wing-sized' strips. And then to keep your 'wings' moist, marinate them overnight in Louisiana or your other favorite hot sauce, and add a small amount of olive oil, garlic powder and red wine vinegar.  This mixture of ingredients makes the meat super moist even without the skin to hold it in.

Once you've let them marinade overnight, roast your buffalo wings in the oven at 400 degrees F for 15 minutes.