Weight Loss Tip: Do Your Own Dips

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Tips to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tip: Do Your Own Dips

Weight Loss Tip: Do Your Own Dips

It doesn't take long to whip up your own dip, all you need is a bowl and a spoon. Try using fat-free sour cream or lowfat yogurt in recipes that call for cream cheese. Make a quick dip with 1/2 salsa (the spicier the better) and 1/2 lowfat sour cream. Turn it up a notch with a dash of lemon juice.

Try using dry herbs, or chop fresh chives into the mix to send your flavor meter higher.

If you find your dip lacks a certain 'wow' factor, try adding a small portion of a cube of boullion. Or better still, dash a splash of hot sauce into it. To make it look pretty, pull off a sprig of fresh parsley or dill. Cilantro will add flavor and a little green fun for appearance.

Serve your dips with fresh baby carrots, sliced cucumber or radishes. Spoon your dip on top of your salad to use instead of dressing. Try marinading your chicken in what is leftover. Happy Dipping!